Become a Leader Worth Following

All over the world people wish their boss was more self-aware, clearer in communication and empowering.

Build Culture & Teams Worth Reproducing

Every team wants to feel heard, valued and equipped with high support and challenge so everyone wins.

Leadership Accelerator Overview

  • Become a Leader Worth Following

    Effective Leaders fight for the highest possible good in themselves and those they lead. They are leaders worth following, not ones people have to follow. Learn powerful tools and a simple process to become one of the most capable and trusted leaders in your organisation.

  • Power of Your Voice

    Learn about the “Weapon System” for each Voice to understand the potential negative impact each one can have on the team when they are unhealthy, unaware, or immature. Learn to recognise the triggers and how to stop conflicts before they happen.

  • Art of Collaboration

    Learn to apply the Voices and key tools to bring out the best in every person on your team. Use them to maximise your team’s health, productivity, and performance while avoiding unnecessary conflict and drama.

  • Discover Your leadership Voice


    Take a deep dive into understanding your leadership voice, communication style, and the strengths and challenges of what it’s like to be on the other side of you. Learn to understand other Voices as well so you can lead and motivate them effectively.

  • Productive & Present

    Learn the key tools that will help you establish the habits and skills necessary to become highly productive while building influence with others through being fully present. The 5 Gears will empower you to build high credibility at work and at home.

  • Build Leaders Worth Following

    Learn about the Sherpa Mindset and what it takes to get to the next level in your career and leadership journey. New tools and habits show you how to raise up effective leaders consistently as you learn to multiply healthy teams.

"There's a lot of courses that relay information to you and offer how-to steps, but there are few like Leadership Accelerator that you walk out of feeling like a better person. I have graduated feeling equipped, inspired and most of all - more self aware. I would encourage anyone who thrives on personal and professional development to secure their spot in the course as fast as they can!"

Tessa Brady, 

Senior Manager




The Leadership Accelerator is designed to help good leaders become great leaders by helping individuals become fully aware of what it is like to be on the other side of themselves and adjust.

  • Onboarding Session. Once you are registered you will be guided through leadership assessments and insights to prepare you for the Accelerator workshops. The workshops and coaching are all delivered via zoom.

  • 6 Leadership Workshops that are interactive with the For Leaders Global Consultants. (6 x 2 Hour Workshops)

  • 6 Group Coaching Sessions 

    (Upgrade available) Go deeper with your coach to embed the learning so you can maximise your implementation. 

  • Exclusive Facebook Group: where you can interact with other leaders and consultants asking questions and share learnings in a safe networking space.

  • Bonus: There is bonus leadership lessons and resources that you will have access to throughout the program.

  • Prices:

    $1997AUD for Leadership Accelerator 

    $2997AUD for Leadership Accelerator with weekly Group Coaching.  

"The Leadership Accelerator has helped me discover how the default ‘me’ functions both under professional pressure and in normal situations. My goal was to understand how to lead others more effectively, and this begins with knowing and leading yourself first. If you are in a role of influence or even aiming for this then the Leadership Accelerator is definitely the stepping stone to develop maximum growth in this area."

Ben Heckathorn, 

Education Sector,

Writer, Teacher, Coach


Leadership Accelerator Details

Tuesday's 8am-10am and 7pm-9pm AEST 

Starts 25th May - 6 weeks

Sessions will be recorded & available.

* Group Coaching times will be communicated via email.

All details will be sent via email after registration with links and files.

“Unbelievably powerful. I now have a myriad of practical leadership tools to implement inside my organisations.”

Brandon Hutchins

President & CEO, Gaskins

“I am overwhelmed by the clarity that this process has brought to our Executive Team. Understanding each of our wiring & voices has brought us together as a team and has begun to guide our decisions within our organisation to ensure each team member is in the right seat. It has been amazing to watch all of the participants and teams comes to life!”

Angela Cottrell

Director of HR, Bailey International

“It is much more than a program. It’s guidance, practical, and life changing. It has made me a better person, husband, father, and general leader in all circles of influence.”

Mickey Daniell

Learning Power Team Lead, Southern Company

Leadership Accelerator Toolbox

This is just a small sample of the tools you will learn and will be able to teach others with.

A few organisations using

the leadership tools you will learn.






Rohan Dredge

For the past two decades Rohan has developed leaders, cultures and tribes that work at deep levels of connection and strong levels of execution. He specialises in sustainable and high performing cultures that specifically helps technical experts become people leaders.


Mike Hardie

25 years experience as a pioneering leader, speaker and executive coach. Mike founded and led his own organisation with numerous teams, and has trained leaders in colleges, , schools, conferences and seminars across the country. Mike is passionate about equipping leaders and teams to fight for the highest possible good of their leaders, teams and organisation. 




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