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  • Greater Self-Awareness

    Leaders and team members who are self-aware and understand what it's like to be on the other side of them.

  • Better Alignment

    Discover the sweet spots of those on the team, get better aligned and reach higher levels of performance.

  • Clear Communication

    Communicate what you mean without people taking it the wrong way and getting offended. Reduce stress, drama and conflict.

  • Effective Delegation

    Leaders who know how to delegate more effectively to save time, increase productivity and have the team on board.

  • High Performance

    Confidently build high-performing teams, rather than taking shots in the dark and hoping people do their jobs well.

  • Better Meetings

    Learn how to run effective meetings where everyone walks away feeling valued, heard and with clarity on what's next. 


I have installed this leadership culture in my company and we saw a 64% increase in revenue production and a 42% increase in capacity. It just plain works.

David Boney,

Former Director of Project Management, 

200+ Employees



For the past two decades Rohan has developed leaders, cultures and tribes that work at deep levels of connection and strong levels of execution. He specialises in sustainable and high performing cultures that specifically helps technical experts become people leaders.



25 years experience as a pioneering leader, speaker and executive coach. Mike founded and led his own organisation with numerous teams, and has trained leaders in colleges, , schools, conferences and seminars across the country. Mike is passionate about equipping leaders and teams to fight for the highest possible good of their leaders, teams and organisation. 

A few organisations using the tools you will experience. 

Through the training and workshops we've gained an enhanced understanding of the way our staff think, function, act and respond in their day to day dealings. It’s allowed for strategic and targeted approach to management of teams. Employees now have increased knowledge of how their team ‘ticks’ which has enhanced their ability to perform and improved employee relationships and understanding of each other. Employees are now even analysing our clients tendencies, patterns and behaviours with tangible results in relationships." 

Ben Burke, 


Benaiah Engineering, Australia

I am overwhelmed by the clarity that this process has brought to our Executive Team. Understanding each of our wiring & voices has brought us together as a team and has begun to guide our decisions within our organization to ensure each team member is in the right seat. It has been amazing to watch all of the participants and teams comes to life!

Angela Cottrell

Director of HR, Bailey International

My experience with GiANT has been incredible. Their CORE philosophy along & leadership tools have been the largest factor in transforming our team into humility- based leaders. Our culture and business has thrived under GiANT's influence. I can also say from a personal development standpoint, GiANT has provided a platform for tremendous growth. There is power when you know that everyone is FOR you…helping you develop both personally and professionally.

Andrew Dahl

President, Dahl Automotive

The idea of building "leaders worth following" has captured me in a new way as I've worked with GiANT. I have been re-energised and re-equipped for my leadership journey. Learning how to apply the GiANT toolkit has provided me with the language and visual tools to build a culture of apprenticeship in my companies. Steve, Jeremie, and the GiANT team have done a great job integrating my personality type, leadership voice, and a myriad of other principles into practical leadership application I can implement in my organisations.

Brandon Hutchings

President & CEO, Gaskins

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